There are many wonderful things about our garden screening:

  • It’s made from premium quality steel
  • It’s available in several beautiful designs
  • It’s super easy to install

Do you know what else makes it great? It’s extremely versatile. Yes, garden screening can be used for a wide range of projects, both inside and outside of the home. Here we’ll share some of our favourite installation ideas…

Garden screening for privacy

The most obvious installation option is privacy screening. Many customers buy garden privacy screens to shield parts of their outdoor space from neighbouring houses.

1. Fencing alternative

One installation option is to use our garden screening in place of a traditional fence. While there’s nothing wrong with traditional wooden fencing, it can be a little boring. So if you’re after a stylish and unique alternative, a row of decorative privacy screens might suit you better. What’s more, unlike wood fence panels, our steel garden screens are fully weatherproof and do not need treating. They won’t warp and are practically maintenance-free.

2. Extend fencing

If you already have a low fence in your garden but require a little more privacy, you could extend its height with our attractive garden screens. Simply fix them to the top of your fence to increase the privacy of your garden, without blocking out any sunlight. Just make sure that together, the fence and garden screen, is no more than 2 meters high. If it is, you might need to double-check with your local planning authority that you can install the screening without planning permission.

3. Pergola sides

Are you looking to make your new pergola a little more secluded? Installing garden screening will automatically increase the privacy of your pergola, while adding a stylish decorative touch.

Our garden screens are available in a range of attractive designs and colours. You can also choose from various sizes and thicknesses to get panels that are the perfect fit for your pergola.

4. Balcony sides

Improve the privacy and safety of your balcony by installing garden screens as a balustrade. Install them horizontally so they make for an eye-catching feature, without blocking your views. 

Hiding unsightly objects in the garden

We don’t know about you but there are certain things in our gardens that we don’t necessarily want on show. Thankfully, we can cleverly disguise them with attractive garden screening.

5. Garden screening for bins

Wheelie bins are a necessity but let’s face it, they’re not something you want to look out the kitchen window to. The best way to hide bins is with garden screening. Install them vertically or horizontally to cleverly cloak your bins and keep them out of sight.

6. Garden screens for oil tanks

Do you know what else is up there as one of the most unsightly things you can have in your garden? An oil tank. It’s big and ugly but completely essential for powering and heating your home. The good news is you can disguise your oil tank with a wall of decorative panels. Here’s a picture we were sent by one of our customers who used the black humbug screens to do just that!


7. Shield an old shed

The shed at the bottom of your garden – it’s old, tatty but extremely useful for storing all of your gardening furniture and tools. If you’re not ready to replace it, why not consider making it look more aesthetically pleasing by surrounding it with garden screens

Garden screening panels for plants

If you are looking for a creative and unique way to train plants in your garden, you might be interested to hear that our steel garden screening can double up as trellis. Unlike wooden trellis, it comes completely weatherproof and isn’t at risk of warping over time. What’s more, it will add the artistry of your botanical display and provide the perfect backdrop for your plants.

8. Trellis for climbing roses

Climbing roses require adequate support to reach their full potential. Our garden screens can be installed behind your climbers to give them something to grow against. Avoid damaging your climbing roses, it’s best to gently tie them the metal garden screens, rather than weaving them in and out. This is the same with all types of trellis.

It’s also a good idea to train your climbing roses to grow horizontally across the trellis, rather than just vertically, to achieve an abundance of healthy, colourful blooms.

9. Trellis for clematis

Like climbing roses, clematis also needs to be trained to grow along a structure. Metal screens are the perfect choice. Make sure you choose the right size to suit the growth of your plant.

10. Trellis for creating a living wall

Living walls are a huge garden trend right now and something we can’t get enough of! They’re great for adding privacy for your garden and also make an eye-catching focal point.

You might be surprised that basic living walls are easy to create. Install garden screens as a back-drop, add a perennial clematis as a base plant and then carry on build up the wall with other plants you love. Check out Pinterest for inspiration!

Installing garden screening inside

We’ll let you in a secret…just because it’s called ‘garden screening’ doesn’t mean it has used outdoors. Yes, our garden screens are perfect for using inside the house too!

11. Decorative wall screens

Looking to give your interior design a unique edge? Install garden screening as decorative wall panels. With so many designs to choose from, you’re bound to find one you love! 

12. Create partitions in your home with garden screening

Our decorative steel panels make the perfect partitioning for homes, where building a permanent wall isn’t an option. For example, screening off the bedroom area in a studio flat or splitting a large bedroom in half for children.

Working from home but no room for an office? Use our steel panels for screen off your desk from your bedroom or living room, so you can still ‘step away’ and distance yourself from work at the end of the day.

Garden screening ideas for all

We hope this extensive list of garden screening installation options has inspired you. Remember, the only limit is your imagination, so let it run wild!

We love seeing how our customers use their garden screens, so feel free send us or tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram.