How do I get more privacy in my garden? It’s a question a lot of people ask. You could have the world’s best neighbours. You may invite them over for dinner. Your kids may play with their kids but still, you want your garden to be just that – yours. There’s nothing wrong with needing a little personal space. We all crave and deserve privacy in our back gardens but achieving it is often where things get tricky so garden screening for privacy can really help. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together several ways you can use our panels to create a privacy screen garden. 

5 ideas for garden screening

When it comes to garden screening from neighbours, UK homeowners have plenty of options. Generally speaking, garden screening, like fences can be up to two meters high and installed without the need for planning permission. However, it’s always worth checking your local planning policy for confirmation.

Organic garden screening has even fewer restrictions. So let’s take a look at a few ideas…


Carefully placed planters

Garden screening with planters is a quick and relatively easy way to gain some privacy from your neighbours. Buy several large planters and fill them with tall ornamental grasses or container shrubs like Hydrangeas and Buddleja. The bigger, the better – you don’t want to be waiting years for the plants to grow before you can benefit from extra privacy.

Alternatively, save money by making your planters out of recycled wooden crates.

Place the planters in overly exposed areas of your garden to create a more secluded feel. The great thing about planters is that you can move them around if you don’t quite get them in the right place first time.

Plant layered borders

If you want to use plants and flowers as garden screening for privacy make sure you layer them up. The risk of using a single plant type is that you could potentially lose your entire screen if the plant fails as a result of pests, disease, or poor weather.

To create a natural screening effect, install groupings of plants, including shrubs, evergreens, and perennial grasses. It’ll add depth and dimension to your garden while adding height to give you the privacy you crave.


Garden metal screening panels

Wooden fencing has been a staple in gardens for many years and while it’s great for adding privacy and shelter, it can be…dare we say, a little bit…boring! If you’re looking for an attractive alternative to traditional fencing, let us point you in the direction of our stylish steel garden screens.

When it comes to garden screening for privacy, we’ve got you covered, with an array of contemporary designs to suit all spaces. Custom made from premium quality steel, fully weatherproof and maintenance-free, our garden screening offers a complete upgrade from its wooden counterpart. Think of it as fencing re-imagined. Plus we’ll deliver it directly to your door!

The great thing about metal garden screening is that it has so many different uses. As well as shielding your garden from prying eyes, it can also be used to improve the security of your garden – essential for young children and pets. Some of our customers also use our garden screening for bins and water butts – to hide away the things you don’t necessarily want on show. The installation options are limitless.

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Create a living wall

Our garden screening panels double up as a trellis for climbers like roses and clematis. You can also use them to develop a ‘living wall’ – something you’re bound to have come across if you’re an avid Pinterest-user!

Living walls are essentially structures (like our garden screens or a DIY version) that are intentionally covered in plants and flowers, so they appear green. Some living walls are a glorified trellis, with plants weaving through, whereas other more elaborate designs make use of planting fabrics and high-tech irrigation systems. How technical you get is up to you. Either way, it’s a clever way of gaining a little privacy, while also enjoying the beauty of nature outside your backdoor.

Build a pergola

If your neighbours have views of your garden from a greater height, you may want to consider building a pergola, or a similar structure. This will give you somewhere you can sit and relax outdoors, without feeling like you’re being watched.

Opt for an open wooden structure or further increase your privacy by installing screening as side panels. Beautify your pergola and give it a more organic feel by training plants to grow up its sides.


What is the cheapest way to fence a garden?

While it’s certainly a good question, money isn’t the only factor to consider when adding privacy to a garden. For example, buying plants and upcycling containers may seem like the cheapest option but may not offer the same level of privacy as a traditional fence or metal garden screening.

You also need to consider the longevity of privacy screening. A wooden fence is likely to require treating, staining and on-going maintenance every couple of years. Whereas our garden screening is weatherproof, easy to install and requires little-to-no maintenance.

Consider where it’s worth paying a little more to get the privacy you need instantly and without hassle.

How to improve garden privacy without blocking light?

A lot of people feel that when it comes to enhancing privacy in their gardens, they have to sacrifice the sunlight. This isn’t strictly true. While growing trees or putting up a tall fence will certainly impact the light in your outdoor space, garden screening will not.

All of our designs (besides our complete privacy panel) are precision cut with space between, allowing sunlight to shine on through. They provide the perfect amount of shielding from any overlooking neighbours, without costing you daylight. A win-win, don’t you think?

Improve privacy with garden screening

We hope our ideas have inspired you to transform your garden into a private and peaceful oasis. Privacy doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it mean compromising on daylight. With clever planning and great garden screening for privacy, you can achieve everything you want from your outdoor space.