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Enhance your outdoor space with our Bundle of Customised Product garden screen. Add style, improve privacy and hide anything unsightly. For gardens that wow choose our Bundle of Customised Product garden screening. Enjoy a touch of luxury in your outdoor space and gain the privacy you crave. The Bundle of Customised Product decorative screen will make a beautiful addition to your garden. Add a unique touch to your outdoor space and enjoy extra privacy.


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What are metal garden screens made from?

Our decorative screens are made from S275 mild steel electroplated with zinc to ensure they stand the test of time. All of our screens are weatherproof, hardwearing and extremely durable. Except for Corten and Stainless-steel orders our screens are powder coated with premium plastic powder coating to a colour of your choice.

Can your garden screen panels be used both outdoors and indoors?

Yes, all of our panels are the perfect addition to your home or garden. Offering a wide range of patterns, colours and sizes our decorative screens can be designed and manufactured to suit your individual needs and vision. Every design we have is fully customisable with regards to size, colour and base material.

Can your panels be cut to a bespoke size?

Yes, all of our screens can be cut to a bespoke size to fit your requirements. Our maximum available screen size is 2.87m x 1.37m. and the screens can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientations.

Which thickness is right for me?

The 1mm option is perfect for those wanting to utilise the screens for decorative purposes i.e. mounting them on a wall. Whilst our 1.5mm and 3mm panels are heavier and more rigid, best suited for building privacy screens or fencing off areas at height.

How easy is it to install garden screening?

All of our garden screening panels have been specifically designed and manufactured with pre-made mounting holes so no drilling or cutting is required. We’ve made it so they are manufactured for quick and easy installation, even for the beginner. If you choose to use our modular post and bracket system, our screens simply bolt together.

Can you manufacture screens in a bespoke design?

If you have a specific design in mind, which you can’t find in our gallery, do not worry. Your satisfaction is our biggest priority and therefore, we will work closely with you to design and manufacture a bespoke screen tailored to your vision.

Is delivery included?

All of our screens are delivered free of charge to the mainland UK, using our in-house delivery team and service.

What is your delivery time?

All of our products are manufactured to order to the unique specifications of each customer. Therefore, delivery takes 4 weeks from order to delivery.

How are the garden panels attached?

Our screens are extremely versatile and can be fixed in various ways and to various materials. Our screens are all designed with four folded edges, one on each side; this is for the fixing and rigidity of the screen. This allows our screens to be attached to a metal, stone or wooden surface both horizontally and vertically.



How are the garden screens coloured?

All of our standard screens are powder coated. We can powder coat screens in any RAL colour, making our decorative panels extremely stylish as well as weatherproof.

Is there a warranty?

We have assured the quality of our products and therefore we offer a 100% product guarantee for 12 years from point of delivery.

Does my order come with fixings?

Our screens are stylish and adaptable in both design and attachment. Our decorative screens can be fixed in multiple ways. Dependent on your requirements you will need to order the appropriate brackets fixings, all of which are available on our website. If you are unsure about fixings and attachment one of our team are here to help.

What if there is a problem with my garden screens?

If there is any issue with your screen, we will take care of a free collection and provide you with a replacement screen.

Can I attach garden screens to brick or a wall?

Yes, our screens can be attached sideways using stone ankerbolts and our pre-made holes or facing the wall using our modular wall brackets and stone ankerbolts.

Can they be used as garden privacy screens?

Yes, our screen designs have varying amounts of infill. Our handy infill indicator will show you the percentage of infill the garden screen design has.

Can I use metal garden screens as part of a pergola?

Yes, our screens are used to infill walls and roof areas of a pergola.

Can't find the answer you're looking for?

Speak to our friendly and informative staff via our live chat or contact us directly. We’re always on hand to help and will get back to you asap.



Zero Maintenance

Spend less time maintaining your garden & more time enjoying it. Our metal garden screens are zero maintenance. No paint, stain or treatments necessary!


Easy Installation

Our garden screens are suitable for DIY installation. Find all of the fittings & fixings youโ€™ll need on our website. Customise them to colour match your garden screens for a flawless finish.


Completely Waterproof

Our high quality steel screens have a protective powder coating to keep them 100% waterproof. No colour fading or corrosion. Your screens will look as good as new, come rain or shine.


Completely Customisable

Metal Garden Screen is committed to supplying the perfect screens for your projects. Our screens are made-to-order in the UK & 100% customisable by colour, size & design. Get in touch with custom requests.


Increased Privacy

Our garden screens have various infills to offer increased levels of privacy in your garden. Create a peaceful sanctuary & enjoy your outdoor space without feeling overlooked by your neighbours.