Our Policies

Deliveries, Return and Shipping Policies

Customers are our highest priority. What does a company that values their customer do? Make policies to satisfy their needs. Our Policies are a way to make sure you don’t have any problem dealing with us.

What Is the Delivery Process?

We try our best to serve your needs and deliver the items without any inconvenience. When you have finished ordering from the website (Thank you!), we combine all the orders from your region and dispatch them together. The order is estimated for delivery three quick weeks from your ordering time.

Important Notice: We can only deliver accurately and in time when we get the correct information. Please provide an exact delivery address at the time of order. ( Tip: Recheck the details, once you have your order confirmation)

If, by any chance, you’re not home when the delivery happens, we will carefully place it somewhere safe for only you to find. We will also send a photograph as proof.

Currently, we deliver to mainland UK and we take pride in our products. Once manufactured, we give the order to our responsible team to manage the deliveries. We have our own transportation to make sure your order reaches you in perfect condition. The item’s safety is crucial, although our screens are very strong and we take great precautions when handling the package. The most delicate part of the screen is the edges that gets which can be damaged if not handled correctly during installation.

Therefore, we take extra precautions and cover the edges with a protective layer and the whole item with bubble and shrink wrap, so you know your screen is safe!

What If I Want To Cancel Or Return?

No worries, your confidence in the order process is what we strive for. If by any chance you have to cancel the order, within three days of ordering, it’s no problem we can return a 100% refund. In case you cancel it after three days, and depending on how far through manufacturing the item is, we will only be able to provide a partial refund.

We are so proud of the products that we do not tolerate any imperfections. If the item you receive is damaged or not up to your standard, take a picture in its original packaging and send it to us, We’ll take care of the rest.

What Guarantees Do You Offer?

Guarantees are only provided by companies who have nothing to be afraid of, so we offer a 100% product guarantee- To ensure you are a satisfied customer.

  • 2 years guarantee before for reducing gloss shine in the paint (due to UV damage from the sun).
  • 12 years for before the deterioration of the powder coating ( if you live within 1 mile of the sea, the guarantee becomes 5 years).

Not covered:

  • If the coating is damaged because of dogs, kids, lawnmowers accidents etc, we cannot unfortunately cover these accidents. However, touchup paint is easily available to cover any minor accidents and maintain the coating integrity.

Note: You will need to take pictures of the damage or paint deterioration so we can take care of it.

If there is any question in your mind, please email us on will@smartengineering.co.uk