garden you desire. It’ll just take a little more creativity and thinking outside the box to create the perfect urban garden design!

10 Urban Garden Design ideas

We’ve scoured Pinterest to bring you the most inspiring small urban garden design ideas. Have a browse of the images below and read through our tips on how to make the most of a more modestly sized outdoor space.

1. Raised plant beds & built-in seating

Plant Beds to Build Small Garden

Image credit: Balcony Design

This may only be a small terrace garden but the space has been used very wisely to offer both a bit of greenery and some practical, outdoor seating. The design of the raised plant beds gives the garden structure and the built-in seating saves on space. If your outdoor space is very limited, this is an urban garden design take note of.

2. Tall plants & narrow trees

Narrow Trees for Small Garden

Image credit: Sugar and Charm

You may not have room for lots of different plants and big trees but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little greenery in your garden. Tall plants and narrow trees are one of the best ways to add another dimension to your outdoor space and make it appear bigger than it actually is. Be sure to check out this post on the best narrow trees for small gardens.

3. Mirror magic

Mirror Magic for Urban Garden

Image credit: House and Garden

The person who created this small urban garden design has cleverly installed a large mirror to reflect its image. This makes the outdoor space appear twice as big. As we said at the start of this post, it’s all about being creative and thinking outside of the box.

4. Focussed

Urban Garden Designing

Image credit: The Garden Builders

When it comes to designing an urban garden of limited size, you need to think about what’s most important to you. What do you want to see in your garden? How do you plan on using it? Here, for example, the garden has been designed around eating and outdoor entertaining.

5. Living wall

Living Wall

Image credit: Kuroo Ideas

No space for plants on the ground? Create a living wall with fencing or garden screens instead.

6. Minimalist

Minimalist Urban Garden

Image credit: Artificial Plants

Another way to maximize your space is to go for a more minimalist look. Keep your small urban garden looking smart and tidy with artificial grass, modern furniture, and a strict color palette.

7. Pergola

Stylish Paved Path Pergola Garden

Image credit: Garden Pics and Tips

Make the most of a narrow garden by creating a paved path that accentuates its length and leads to its focal point. In this case, it’s a stylish pergola that adds both privacy and shelter to the garden. Select a few pieces of furniture and you’ll have a lovely seating area.

8. Colour splash

They say you should stick to light colors in small gardens but personally, we’re partial to a splash of color! Notice the lighting used to illuminate this outdoor terrace? Getting your lighting right is essential, especially if you plan on using your garden after dark.

9. Mixed surfaces

Mixed Surfaces Garden

Image credit: Jenny Bloom

Laying different surfaces and using mixed materials in your urban garden design can help with zoning. This will make the space appear larger.

10. Urban Jungle

Explore Urban Jungle

Image credit: The Gardening Spot

The opposite of minimal. Go wild with lots of green leafy plants and create your own urban jungle. It’ll attract lots of wildlife and give you plenty of privacy from neighbors.

Tips for small urban garden design

Feeling inspired? When designing or updating your outdoor space, be sure to keep these useful tips in mind…

Think small

This may sound a little contradictory but the best way to maximize your outdoor space in an urban garden is to think small. Whether it’s plants, paving stones, or practical garden furniture, choosing miniature and minimalist designs will trick the eye into thinking your small urban garden is much bigger than it actually is.

Get things off the ground

You may not have a lot of ground space but as the saying goes, the sky’s your limit! Install planters off the ground by attaching them to the side of your building. Alternatively, you can make use of garden screens and fences by using them as a trellis for climbing plants.

Install a mirror

We shared an example of this above but to reiterate, using a mirror in your garden is a great way to enhance its size. It will trick the eye into thinking your outdoor space is double the size. Oh, and it’ll add a stylish touch that will make your urban garden design more unique.

Make furniture your focal point

If you plan on using your urban garden for alfresco dining, then why not make your furniture the focal point? You could even go as far as designing your entire garden around your furniture. Some people opt for built-in seating to save space in small gardens. Others opt for bright, funky designs that catch the eye and draw the attention away from the limited space. It’s all about what works best for you.

Create zones

It’s natural to assume that the more lawn you have showing, the larger your garden will appear. Truth is, it’s actually better to break up the space by creating paths and zones. Install plant beds and garden screens to create sections. It’ll make your garden appear bigger and also improve its practicality, as you can use each space for something different.

Decorative Screens for Urban Garden Design

We hope this post has given you some inspiration for designing your own small urban garden. Remember, we have garden screens to suit outdoor spaces of all sizes, so if you haven’t already, go and explore our collections!