Aluminium, or Composite | Which Garden Screen is Best?

Aluminium, or Composite | Which Garden Screen is Best?

Don’t fancy being fed up with dealing with a flimsy composite garden screen that will break down in bad weather? Aluminium garden screens are the solution!

Let's start by talking about toughness. Aluminium is a sturdy metal that can withstand UV rays and bad weather without bending or splitting. Composite screens, on the other hand, are made of a mixture of plastic and wood fibres. Although they might at first seem appealing, they are much more prone to fade, crack, and deform with time. Especially when exposed to sunlight.

Let's talk about maintenance now. Garden screens made of aluminium require almost no upkeep. They don't require painting or staining and won't rot or warp. Comparatively, composite screens will require routine painting or staining to keep them looking good. They will also need support to prevent the inevitable sagging.

Composite Garden Screen

However, aluminum garden screens aren't simply useful—they're also fashionable! You can simply locate the ideal match for the aesthetic of your home because they are available in a number of colours and styles. Additionally, because they are constructed of metal, your garden will stand out because to their sleek, crisp, contemporary appearance.

Aluminum Garden Screen

Cost is another factor to take into account. Buy cheap, buy twice. Although composite garden screens first appear initially less expensive than aluminium ones, they will require replacement in a much shorter timeframe that other products on the market. Aluminium screens actually end up being more affordable in the long term.

Aluminium garden screens are the ideal choice if you want a garden screen that is strong, low maintenance, fashionable, and affordable. A lovely, long-lasting garden screen that will make your neighbours envious compared to cheap flimsy alternative composite screens.

Finally, there are many reasons why aluminium garden screens are the ideal option. Compared to composite screens, they are far more customisable, maintenance-free and robust. They are also more affordable in the long term and come in various colours and styles. So, aluminium garden screens are the ideal solution if you want to improve the appearance and functionality of your garden.

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