Set in Yorkshire Dales, this picturesque garden was brought to life by Metal Garden Screen with the help of their stylish Bubble Bath Screens to produce a modern and unique feel to the landscape.

Client Brief

The client (John) wanted to refurbish their garden and bring it to life. With the beautiful backdrop of the Yorkshire countryside and all its environmental scenery to work with, they went to work transforming this perfect piece of land into the garden that it is now using our Bubble Bath Screens. Originally, John had decaying wooden fences surrounding his pool for privacy and protection. Instead, we maintained Johns wish for privacy and protection and brought a little flair into the equation with these gorgeous Bubble Bath Screens.

Surveying the land

Before our Bubble Bath Screens were introduced to the property, John was in the process of designing and planning new developments to improve the quality of his garden. He was spending an enormous amount annually on the maintenance of his garden, which is never ideal. We recognized this and believed that introducing our innovative custom-designed garden screens would be a perfect replacement due to their durability and 0 maintenance requirements. Lastly, John settled on our revolutionary Bubble Bath Screens.

Setting the foundation

When Metal Garden Screens first arrived on scene, our priority was to focus on a detailed survey of the existing rotten wooden fences. We were confident we could satisfy our clients primary goal of keeping their dog, Fluffy, in the garden. We could then begin to implement our state-of-the-art screening and provide privacy and shade to the pool area whilst still maintaining the open and fresh feeling client desired.

As we can see from these pictures, once the old wooden fences were removed, we were forced with the issues of tangled rose bushes. This was mainly as a result of years of the old bushes hidden away behind the wooden fences. To combat this, we planned how we would remove just enough excess shruberry around the pool area (including the old bushes on the edges of the property) to implement our new innovative designer Garden Screens whilst still maintaing a fairy tale feel abouth the house. Once the land was addressed, we had a clean run at installing our new garden screening.

The final results

Privacy has never been so stylish - with a cool, unique modern design that can be customized entirely, our client would be over the moon with the results. Our metal garden screens have blended in perfectly with the stone floor tiles that paved a route around the garden to produce a clean-cut feeling. On the other side of the pool opposite, we mounted the screens in a portrait orientation against the hedges to implement more privacy from the neighbors with a chance for the shrubbery to poke through neatly for blended and unforced barrier. John was extremely satisfied as we were able to provide a level of customisation to the design that other suppliers could not. At all points during the initial consultation, design, and manufacturing stages we kept the client up to date with the status of his order and anticipated delivery dates.

Creating the perfect garden

The modern and chic appearance produced by our fencing panels gave an outlined crystal-white feel to the garden that paired nicely with the window frames of John`s house. However, the most beneficial effect produced by our Bubble Bath Privacy Screens in this property is the fresh new feeling that it brought - in contrast to the scene created by the planted partitions, the property was brought to life with a new glimmer in its walls that perfectly matched the client`s expectations to the letter. What more could you ask for?

Although the client had the opportunity to camouflage the panels into the surrounding shrubbery with our Pale Greencolor or match with the spotted-orange floor tiles with our Corten versions, John chose to go with the Pure White with the purpose of creating the desired fresh and clean effect to replace the rustic feel that was originally there. This helped to transform the house into the modern beauty that it stands as today with a long-lasting and unique method of texturing to create a protected yet open feeling. Whilst promoting the natu al beauty of the clients garden, these innovative and creative privacy screens helped to make his beautiful house a picturesque vista. The neighbouring land of the primary estate, featuring colourful and diverse plant life, also blends beautifully into the modern Bubble Bath Privacy Screens in such a way that you would think the are natural. Mirroring the borderline of the plants, the wall acts as a backdrop to show off vibrant colours whilst maintaining the growth and health of the plants with the uniquely placed spotted pattern that allows sunlight to pass through. This helped to maintain the in- terconnected ecosystem of the surrounding wildlife and forestry whilst providing the creative change that the client wished for.

If we take a broader view from the same angle, we can see how the fences seamlessly meet the bushy barrier running adjacent to it to establish a natural and environmental landscape with hints of modernisation and futurism on top. This helps to show the client’s stylistic side concerned with the modernisation and creativity of their garden alongside their awareness of the ethical concerns for the nearby wildlife and ecosystems that may be present in the woodland in the picture. The Bubble Bath Privacy Screens also helped to emphasise the beauty of the natural flowers at the base of the property, acting as the perfect backdrop to exaggerate the vibrant array of colours and shapes present in the gardens.

The subtle nature of the actual Bubble Bath Privacy Screens also helps to benefit the gardens - it provides a white highlight to the whole estate, but it also has an enhancing effect on the property itself. Whilst this client chose customised Bubble Bath Privacy Screens as their main part of the project, options for standard 112x49cm, 187x87cm and 237x112cm sized panels are available on our website, which may be more desirable for those wanting to separate space for many different reasons. All of our screens can be customised to suit - 3mm, 2mm for coloured Aluminium options, 2.5mm and 1.5mm are available for corten screens. The client (John) was delighted with the success of the project, stating that it was “unlike anything he had ever seen before”, and that “all of our friends comment on how good they look”. John was exceptionally happy with how “the dog is also safe too” as a result of our customized Bubble Bath Privacy Screens. By using our practical knowledge and the quality of our Garden Screens, we can make your garden the perfect paradise for you.

Some of the main issues we can solve are the constant upkeep of existing fences and structures. This was perfectly solved during this project as our fit-and-forget privacy screening meant that our Garden Screens needed 0 maintenance after they were installed.This is because they have the ability to remain rigid and strong for long periods of time after their installation, due to the special care and protection that goes into the design during production. In this particular case study, our screens were perfectly installed by a local contractor to produce the perfect effect on this garden, helping to make both the client and us very happy and proud of the quality of the work done.

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