Winter Silhouette Privacy Screening

In the bustling suburbs of Uxbridge,
London, our client was able to turn their garden into a modern private paradise
using the beautiful Winter Silhouette Privacy Screens and
transform their garden into their ideal relaxation spot.

Client Brief

As a long-time client of ours, our customer (Karl Harrison) wanted to use our stylish Winter Silhouette Privacy Screens to revolutionise this small garden in the centre of London. Karl has a great eye for detail and has used our products on many of his landscape gardening projects in the past. He has developed best practices and landscaping techniques to perfectly utilise our easy to install state-of-the-art garden screening. This has helped Karl to make the most of the area and install the screens to an amazing effect. With his skill and our innovative new designs, this garden was brought to life once again with a modern yet artistic flair built right into its foundations.

As an accomplished and successful landscape gardener, Karl has used our products across multiple projects due to their high-quality, low-maintenance and easy installation - you can see some of his work here. This, alongside the quality of land and the backdrop provided, has led Karl to using our products once again to bring the best out of an otherwise overgrown garden to really make it shine - our aluminium privacy screens always help to put the feel good factor back in your life.

Surveying The Land

Before our Winter Silhouette Privacy Screens were introduced to the property, Karl was in the process of planning and redesigning how the land can be used to transform it into the ideal home getaway.

Originally, our client wanted to get rid of the rickety old shed in the corner of the garden to make room for a private seating area that made the garden more attractive and useful to the homeowners. This was great for helping the owners to get the most out of their garden and using the space to the best of its abilities, which is always a good thing to do.

It would also help to make the garden more accessible and seem larger, which can be perfect for making the estate seem spacious and more attractive. This could be emphasised by replacing and cleaning up some of the wooden fences around the perimeter of the garden, which originally made the space seem much darker than the client’s wanted.

Karls idea of installing new flooring tiles to contrast nicely with the natural colours of the wood, would help to show off the natural lighting in the area. This, alongside the installation of our Winter Silhouette Privacy Screening which would make the garden a beautiful spot for the homeowner to sit back and relax.

The main obstacle we had to overcome during this project was the short lead time. Our client needed their Winter Silhouette Privacy Screens to be manufactured and delivered within a close-cut 3 week period to begin construction in the garden. As a result, we worked closely with Karl and his team to get the products completed and delivered for him as quickly as possible, leading to us meeting this deadline to allow construction to go as planned.

Karl definitely had some other work to do to get this project rolling. However, after a quick discussion of what he needed, our design and production teams provided exactly what the homeowner wanted, so Karl could get started without worry.

Setting The Foundations

When Metal Garden Screens first started discussions on this project, our priorities were two fold. Initially, could we manufacture the screens to a specific colour the client requested. Secondly, how to quickly deliver our Winter Silhouette Privacy Screens to the project without any compromise on our commitment to quality and customer service.

As previously stated, we had a short window of 3 weeks to have Karl’s products manufactured and dispatched to him; this included sourcing the manufacturing materials, and sourcing the specific power-coating colour, then the manufacturing of the components, finally, collecting all of the fixings required so the screens arrived a ‘kit’.

Although faced with operational time constraints, our teams operated at maximum efficiency to get the project produced with spare time left over. As we didn’t want to compromise any other customers deliveries we had already committed to, our director hired a van to deliver the screens directly to the job site personally.

In the initial design phase, once the homeowners had selected the product sizes and colours, the client suggested using the garden screens to separate the garden and make it seem more spacious. This would create a deliberately-designed private seating area and the formation of a wooden arch signifying the entrance to the cosy space.

We understood that time was of the essence for this particular project, which led to us consulting our customer for the simplest yet most effective ways of installing our Winter Silhouette Privacy Screens. We aimed to save as much time as possible whilst maintaining the high standard that we pride ourselves for. That’s why we recommended this particular style of concrete fixing post to Karl - it meant that he was able to install the screening by hand in conjunction with laying the floor all within a day. This saved him time and allowed him to put greater focus on other more difficult aspects of the project.

The screens themselves have perfectly sized fixing holes that are pre-made so that everything simply bolts together with the use of subtle stainless steel fixings in no time at all. This maintains the beautiful and sleek look provided by the screens whilst making them simple enough for anyone to install. The speed that our product could be installed meant that the contractors on scene could focus on the flooring for the newly-planned area, which would require some careful work.

With regards to the flooring, our Winter Silhouette Privacy Screens were installed before the flooring was finished. It didn’t have to be completed in this order, but it did allow the paving stones itself to be laid right upto the edge of the screening giving a nice clean finish.

With everything organised, the only thing left to do was get started. We were as excited to see our products in manufacture as the clients were, and we had complete confidence in their ability to use them to revolutionise this garden.

Karl was now ready to get started using our stylish and one-of-a-kind Winter Silhouette Privacy Screens to change the whole perspective of this special little garden.

The Final Results

Karl was delighted with the success of our Winter Silhouette Privacy Screens, stating that they were “incredibly high quality privacy screens” that are “adaptable, customisable and durable” for all seasons. He was exceptionally overjoyed with how the screens fitted in with the newly-produced patio flooring to create a sectioned off part of the garden for private sitting, one of the client’s main priorities.

We had met the design brief of the client perfectly, being able to produce the specific colour to match the homeowners National Trust greenhouse that was necessary to make this project work. Our kit of components allowed the garden screens to neatly fit together with nothing visible or seeming out of place. As all of our products are made to order, we allow for a high degree of customisability that can be the perfect solution for hard-to-complete projects in smaller spaces such as this.

Furthermore, we were able to solve the issue of a quick-fitting for the patio installation and go one step further by concreting in posts for our Winter Silhouette Privacy Screens at the same time as setting the floor. This helped to reduce the time of the project as well as the costs for the client, which is always a significant bonus in completing tasks like this. This helped to create the seamless effect between the screens and the floor as pictured above to make the whole area seem more polished and cleaner than before.

This seamless effect was made more magical with the superior quality of the Winter Silhouette Privacy Screens; as aforementioned, each one is custom made for the client on demand to allow for more customisability and flexibility for a diverse range of projects. They are precision laser-cut, with a flawless powder-coated finish to get the maintenance free attributes that is typically desired. This helps to put our products above the rest in terms of style and durability, as the coat protects the metal from corrosion which helps to maintain the beauty of your garden without any management.

Overall, our primary goal throughout any project is to ensure client satisfaction. Karl was extremely happy with the designs on our Winter Silhouette Privacy Screens and the quality that they arrived in. This helped to make the redesign of the garden feel even more professional and authentic. Furthermore, the easy-to-install nature of the screens made his work much easier, as it meant that less time could be focused on our items and more could be placed on harder tasks, which was greatly appreciated.

Overall, both Karl and the homeowners loved the new feeling of privacy that our screens provided. They especially liked how it was able to let in the sunlight and make the space feel roomy whilst still providing privacy and concealment from the outside work. You can checkout his video about the project on instagram here.

We enjoyed working alongside Karl on this task, and are over the moon that he enjoyed our work. We look forward to providing quality products and working with him in the future to continue revolutionising the way that gardens are designed.