The Top 5 Garden Screens for Summer

The Top 5 Garden Screens for Summer

Summer is finally here and with the promise of good weather, we can think of no better time to install stylish garden screening. Whether you’re designing an outdoor dining space for family barbecues, upgrading your kids’ play area or creating a fancy floral display, we have the perfect garden screens for your project. Take a look at our 5 garden screens for summer to inspire your choice…


1. Apples

This garden screen is sure to be the apple of your eye. Get it? Bad jokes aside, we absolutely love this cute and quirky garden screen and think it’d make the perfect choice for a child-friendly garden. Use it to screen off your kids’ play area and create a safe zone for them to explore. Not only will it help to secure your garden for children (or pets) but our Apple garden screens will also ensure extra privacy from neighbouring gardens.

The Apples garden screen has a 77% infill, which means it offers a high level of privacy and will also help to block out the sun. Yet another reason why it’s a great choice for a child’s outdoor play area. Use our garden screen panels to help create shade and keep your kids’ delicate skin out of the sun!

The Apples screen design would also make a lovely choice for orchards. Section off a small space, add a stylish bistro set and you’ll have the perfect place to enjoy drinks on a summer’s evening. Take a look at our top garden furniture for summer for more ideas.


2. Bee Wing garden screening

If there’s one creature we love to welcome into our garden in summer it’s big, fluffy bumblebees. Summer flowers like Buddleia, Honeysuckle and Red Valerian are great pollinator-friendly plants to grow in your garden.

And if you love bees, as much as we do, then our Bee Wing garden screening will make a wonderful choice for your outdoor space. Inspired by the intricate patterns on delicate bee wings, the screen is the ideal choice for plant trellis and pergolas.

Install bee wing garden screening in your garden as stylish supports for your climbing roses, sweet peas and clematis. Attract bees, butterflies and all of the important pollinators to your outdoor space to encourage summer blooms and help your vegetable garden thrive.

Choose from various natural colours to blend in with the organic palette of your garden. Alternatively, opt for corten steel. Corten screens are designed to naturally ‘weather’ in your garden and develop a gorgeous red-orange coating. A lovely choice for all outdoor spaces.


3. Celebration

Summer is the season for barbecues, family get-togethers and garden parties. And after a rocky start to the year, we all deserve a celebration. But before you welcome guests into your garden, you need to make sure it’s looking it’s very best!

Our aptly named Celebration garden screen panel is the perfect choice for upgrading your garden. Impress your summer garden party guests and create a stylish space for alfresco dining and lounging in the sun.

Celebration has a 39% infill, which means it’ll offer privacy from your neighbours but won’t compromise your sunlight. The best of both worlds if you ask us!

Choose from a selection of colours to suit your project. We think this design would be a fantastic choice for deck screening or even sectioning off an area of your outdoor space for a garden bar.

Planning a summer garden party? Don’t forget to bookmark our post on How to Get Your Garden Guest-Ready.


4. Sunflower Patch garden screens

When you think of summer flowers, what springs to mind? Our first thought is always sunflowers. And as we head into summer, we’ve noticed that Instagram is always full of aesthetically pleasing sunflower patch photos. In fact, it’s become such a big trend that many growers are now opening up their patches for photoshoots!

Our nation’s love for this summer flower is what inspired our Sunflower Patch screen. An attractive design, perfect for ensuring privacy in your garden, without blocking out the sunlight. Available in several colour options, as well as corten steel, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect screens for your project.

We think the Sunflower Patch screen would make a lovely decorative addition to a garden summer house. Either as a garden screen panel for the walls or screens to trellis plants up.

Alternatively, it could be used to hide something unsightly (yet useful) in your garden, like a compost bin. Or you could even use the screens to increase the height of your fencing to gain a little bit more privacy. Just make sure you don’t need planning permission first!


5. Sunrays

We couldn’t create a list of the top garden screens for summer without a sun-inspired screen. ‘Sunrays‘ is one of our most popular summer garden screen designs and a wonderful choice for both traditional and contemporary spaces.

As with all of our garden screens, it’s available in several colour options and sizes to suit all projects. We also stock a full range of fixtures and fittings to make your DIY garden installation a whole lot easier. These fittings can be colour-matched to your garden screening for a seamless finish.

But back to Sunrays – this simple, yet effective design could be used in your garden for a wide range of purposes. Screen off your hot tub (if you’re lucky enough to have one) for extra privacy, switch out your shabby wooden fence for a more modern alternative or zone your garden to give it more purpose.

No back garden? No worries! Sunrays and our other garden screen designs can be installed in small courtyards, front gardens and even on balconies! Use them for vertical planting to increase your growing space. They’ll also give you privacy so you can enjoy your outdoor space, no matter the size.

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We hope our rundown of the best garden screens for summer has inspired you. Now, all that’s left to do is head over to our store and select your screens. Order now! Got a question about our screens? Simply speak to Catherine on our webchat.