Why should you use steel screens?

Why should you use steel screens?

Why Should You Invest in the Garden Steel Screens?

Would you like a relaxing, peaceful time in the garden with the added benefit of attractiveness together with outdoor privacy? The decorative garden screen is the solution.
Steel Privacy Screens

Before you begin working to enhance your garden, it is crucial to think about the material you want to use in your garden screens.
Well, steel garden screens are the popular choice these days that offer a variety of beneficial features. Unlike composite products, these screens are made up of recycled steel which is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.
Using steel for garden screening enhances safety and privacy, while also bringing extra security advantages in the process. These screens can be fixed to the wall using spacers and screws to make an attractive garden feature.


The key benefits of installing metal garden screens:

For more than just privacy

One of the best things about garden screening is that they provide great living space. If you‘ve got a patio or veranda, it makes a whole new part of the house, with the benefit of blocking out external eyesores.
Steel garden screens look beautiful and there are many types available to choose from as per your needs and preferences. As opposed to building a brick wall, these privacy screens can be removed and moved around easily. Also, they allow light and ventilation to come through and at the same time block out visibility. For instance, Our geometric options of privacy screens create a sense of security anytime of the day or night. Better yet, the designs can be easily matched with fencing and house designs.

Swimming pool protective screening

Elegant Decorative Options

In accordance with your design, shape, colour and thickness preference, these privacy screens can be customised. To meet your specific requirements, you can provide your own designs as well for us to manufacture.
When compared to the composite and Aluminium versions, high quality garden steel screens are harder, more durable and last for many years to come. Some of the popular designs are, Spiro, Harmo, Bee Wing, Focused, classic, and Bubble Bath. By highlighting the great garden symmetry, many of these forms of decoration fit quite well with a landscaped garden. For the organic screens, there are several options for decoration as well as functional support. Once installed, the durable screens provide design elegance and practical functions.

Elegant area separation screening


Over the plastic and Aluminium garden screens, there has been a shift toward using steel screens that gives the ultimate physical performance within your financial budget. Plastic becomes damaged by the UV of the sun and becomes brittle and can be easily snapped. Aluminium on the other hand is much softer than steel and will dent very easily. When it comes to saving money on your garden, using steel screens is also the best alternative to a glass balustrade. In comparison for of all the products lifetime, our steel screens provide the best value for money. In fact, our collection of metal garden screens is 100% waterproof and ensures a structural performance 25-year guarantee.

Unlike wooden fences or plastic screens, having a screen constructed from steel will require zero maintenance. Just wiping it down with a damp cloth would be sufficient to make it appear bright. Moreover, to get a fresh look, the consumers can repaint the screen in different colours including gold, bronze, glitter and more.

Ultimate tensile strength

Privacy screens made from S275 mild steel electroplated with Zinc provide ultimate structural performance. Whether this is for garden security, pool protection or to create focal points for attractive features in your garden. The tensile strength of steel is 400 megapascals (MPa) which makes it stronger to be used for different applications. As steel is most commonly used in the construction of structures our metal garden screens can be used to provide strength to existing pergolas.

How to install garden screening?

It is pretty simple to install garden screens using standard stainless steel nuts and bolts, when compared to brick walls, wooden partitions and others. The screening panels are designed and manufactured with pre-made mounting holes, and so no drilling and cutting is required. Whatever suits your need and application; you can go ahead with either fixing your screen to the side, to the rear or together to make it useful and attractive.

Installing steel screens means to have a beautiful garden to spend time with nature and family while having a bit of privacy at the same time.
To see what steel can do to enhance your garden, visit https://metalgardenscreen.co.uk/. Considering your size, design and colour choice, we customize the screens to suit your garden or driveway space that will complement your home.


Can steel garden screens be used both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, the decorative screens make a perfect addition to both indoors and outdoors. In accordance with the size, colour and material, the screens can be customized to meet your specific needs and vision.

Internal separation screen
How long does it take to install garden screening?

Following the basic steps, the gardening screening panels ensure quick and easy installation as screens simply bolt together.

What is the best garden screening material?

Our garden screens made from S275 mild steel electroplated with Zinc ensures hardwearing and durability. The other options are powder coated aluminium, weathering steel (Corten), and stainless steel. Depending on your location to mount the screens, the material selection can be made.

How much does the garden screening delivery cost?

The Metal Garden screens will be delivered to the mainland UK within 4 weeks as we manufacture to order. The delivery fee depends on the size or weight of your order, and it can be £24, £38, or £89.