8 Natural Ways to Screen Your Garden

8 Natural Ways to Screen Your Garden

Garden screens are commonly used to create a private in your garden and enhance the overall ambience. Whether you want to create a private space for entertainment, relaxation, or work purposes, garden screens play their role and give the ultimate privacy solution.

There has been a widespread increase of 28% in the gardening trend in the past year of 2021 among the people living in the UK.

Statistics showing garden screening trends last year

Do you also want to transform your garden and create a private space using natural ways? Well, you've landed at the right place!


Natural Ways to Screen Your Garden

The use of Natural garden screening is an incredible way to create a space and improve your outdoor privacy. It is perfect for people who want to like to allocate a dining area out in their garden for any special occasions – away from the outside noise and consideration of your neighbours.

It will give you a perfect space to rejuvenate your thoughts and recharge yourself after a long day. Moreover, it could be a lovely retreat away from busy lifestyles.

There are numerous materials that you can incorporate for garden screens. Other than metal garden screens, natural options are available to pull off something on a limited budget.

Besides using screes, these ways will add more characters to your garden while making it visually more appealing.

Now, you may be thinking about why one should go for natural ways of screening rather than metal screens or PVC screens? Well, PVC screens are not an environment-friendly option, and sometimes it does not go with the overall look of your garden.

Alternatively, natural garden screens are a great way to add serenity to your space and allow you to create a more scenic garden. Keeping all these pros in mind, using natural ways to screen the garden might be the best option.

Here are a few ways to screen your garden by using natural ways:

Use Old Furniture

As this blog is all about the natural ways of creating a garden screen, we consider using the old furniture and recycling old goods into greens. Moreover, it is one of the DIY, and people are considering it increasingly.

Do consider upcycling the furniture in order to repurpose it for your garden. It could be anything from an old door to room dividers or old shelves. While you can add a few colours and textures to it as well.

Here a pro tip is to play with paints that go with your garden's overall colour scheme. Or if your furniture is old and rusty, then cover them up with a couple of plants.

Use of climbing plants is a good idea although it’s your own choice which one to use.

Moreover, we all know that cycling and upcycling are all about creativity and thinking outside the box. So, try out different experiments and ideas without any hesitation.

While it also depends upon the personal preference that varies from person to person. One can make his garden as natural as he wants.

Garden screen using a Bamboo

Are you a beach lover? Then, you can enjoy a tropical feel in your own home by considering a bamboo garden screen.

It is a perfect way to make a secluded space and add a touch of serenity to your garden. This will also add a relaxing vibe and might help you unwind your thoughts.

Additionally, bamboo is a fast-growing plant that makes it unique for garden screening. However, keep in mind that the roots of bamboo can be invasive, so consider planting them in containers or pots. One just needs to take some precautionary measures in order to ensure that bamboo plants do not grow like wildfire around the garden. Nevertheless, this exotic plant will be the best natural garden screen if handled right.

While if you are living in a windy area, then we don't recommend you to use bamboo for screening your garden. Because bamboo can’t withstand force and heavy winds.

Make Use of Old Twigs

The best part of using natural ways to create a garden screen is that you can be as creative as possible. For example, add twigs, pebbles, and bricks to a wooden frame to create a natural garden screen.

In fact, you can search a little around in your garden and find trinkets to add to the screen. Take a wooden frame and add whatever you want to. But make sure that contraption is solid enough to hold all these twigs and trinkets. Moreover, this activity can be great fun for the whole family.

 Use Big Planters

Big planters can also be used to screen your garden traditionally. You've probably seen big planters in the garden, and they can be used in the garden as well.

Get some old fashioned brown planters or something more aesthetic according to your outdoor décor. Big planters are also used to divide a space or partition the garden into smaller portions. For instance, create a private space with big planters to unwind your thoughts after a long day.

While big planters also serve as decoration in the garden and the garden screen. So, if you have some old planters that are worn out, consider painting and embellishing the pots with some decoratives.

Use Grasses

There are numerous natural ways to create a garden screen, and the use of grasses is one of them. However, no one says that you've to go the extra mile. Grasses are low maintenance garden screens. They bring an added texture to the outdoor space, and you can choose from many options.

Grasses like Chinese reed, also known as miscanthus and Overdam, are extensively used. Moreover, they are an excellent option for smaller size gardens. Or, if you have a spacious garden, go for long sized grasses.

Hedge Walls

You’re going to love the idea of using hedge walls as a garden screen!

Hedge walls add grandeur to the general outdoor area and create a natural appearance. It is the best choice for people who want to add greenery elements to their garden. Additionally, it is much more efficient than placing a wooden fence – it might be not appealing to the eyes.

Hedge walls are available in various options, but keep in mind that they require regular maintenance. So, only get them if you've extra time to put effort into them.

Flower and Shrubs

Make your garden colourful and more vibrant by using flowers and shrubs. It is a considerable alternative to all the synthetic products that usually ruin the whole ambience of your outdoor space.

Bring your creativeness by using shrubs and potted flowers. Moreover, it is an excellent option for those who do not want to go through an intrusive boundary.

Adding colourful flowers will create a beautiful landscape by giving you the privacy your family really wants.

Choose your favourite flowers but do remember to read out about them if they need maintenance or not. Likewise, shrubs need maintenance and extra care.

Add Mystical Vine Screen

Add a mystical vine screen to create a private space in your garden. While this proves to be a low budget choice.

Vines are the fastest growing plants and almost do not require maintenance as easy to take care of. They are also a great option if you like to have a taller barrier but don’t want to go for a proper fence.

There is no doubt that vein screens contribute to a better garden ambience while providing proper privacy.

Metal Garden Screen

There has been seen a rise in metal garden screens in the past years. And there are several reasons behind their popularity.

Garden screening on red brick wall

People are huge fans of metal garden screens, and we believe it is an excellent option to work with if you're designing your garden in a modern way. Moreover, it also gives the opportunity to experiment and some great accessories to your garden.

Along with the privacy, metal garden screens provide a sleek and modern look to the overall ambience of the garden.

One significant advantage of a metal screen is that it allows light to pass through it while giving a fresh and airy feel. However, this will not make your outdoor space not too confined. That can be a significant issue while installing most of the boundaries.

No matter what kind of privacy structure you decide to set up, we urge you to read through its pros and cons.

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