How can a garden screen improve my outdoor space?

How can a garden screen improve my outdoor space?

You may have heard of garden screens, but have you considered how they could enhance your outdoor space? Whether you need to improve the privacy of your garden, create distinct outside areas for dining, entertaining, play, relaxation and work or even add an enhancing decorative feature, garden screens can provide a solution for all of these and more. Here are a few garden screening ideas to get you thinking just in time for the summer.

It can increase the privacy of your garden

42% of Brits enjoy gardening and as the name suggests, garden screening protects you from being overlooked, creating an enclosure and private space for dining and relaxing. If you seek seclusion, the garden privacy screen height, opacity and how open it is are factors to consider. Our garden screen panels are customisable for size and design. They can increase the height of existing fencing, or as a freestanding decorative screen, they are an alternative to traditional fencing.

Our decorative garden screen designs range from contemporary decorative garden screens that make a statement, like those featured in our Geometric and Interesting collections. Or if you prefer traditional outdoor screens that become integral to your garden, like those featured in our Cultural and Organic ranges. 


Enhance your outdoor space with decorative screens

7 out of 10 of us claim to be too busy, and not everyone has time for gardening. Still, most of us want an attractive outside area to entertain, play, relax and work. Low maintenance decorative screens can create an aesthetic feature. The screens in our range are maintenance-free with a warranty from a leading manufacturer of up to 25 years. There is a decorative garden screen for every taste.

Check out the 'Bee Wing', 'Flower Bloom' and 'Blossom' designs if you want to celebrate nature. 'East Wind',' North Wind', 'West Wind' and 'Sunrays' evoke the elements. Whilst if you dream of warmer climes then 'Africa' or 'Tropics' may please you. All these designs are available in our Organics range. If you crave a modern feature, explore our Geometric range. 'Basketball', 'Cardboard Box', and 'Crooked Path' all resonate. Are you looking for something a little different? Then visit the Interesting Range that includes 'Tiger', 'Space Station', and 'That 90's Screen Saver'. As part of an existing structure or standalone, these outdoor screens will enhance the most straightforward garden and make it somewhere you can escape.

Garden Privacy Screening

Create outdoor rooms in your garden

If you are one of the lucky 87% to have a garden, you want to spend as much time in it as possible. Dividing your garden into distinct areas means that dining and entertaining areas can be separate from play, workspaces and vegetable patches and kitchen gardens. Even if you only want to use your garden for some of the above or have limited space, outdoor screens will help you get the most out of your garden.

Give each of your garden rooms a unique look with the many designs available. For play areas, choose some fun designs such as 'Get Lost' or 'Dot dot dash dot' from the Geometric range or 'Spiro Garden' or 'Concentric Maze' from the Interesting range. For relaxation and dining areas, choose a more classic look from our Cultural range. 'Moroccan Sunburst', 'Damask Rose' and 'Dayiri' evoke an alfresco ambience. If you need an outdoor work area, choose striking decorative screens like 'Generic Company', 'Chic' or' Woodgrain' from the Interesting Range.

Freestanding garden screens make the ideal divider. We have the fittings to connect two garden screens using bespoke corner posts. If you need to connect two or more decorative screens, use custom support posts.


An attractive and low maintenance alternative to wooden fencing

Wooden fencing is traditionally the way gardens are enclosed. Still, they require frequent maintenance being vulnerable to damage from the elements. Suppose you seek a long-term maintenance-free solution for surrounding your garden. In that case, our decorative garden screens offer a welcome alternative. Available in many colours, designs and sizes, our bespoke garden screening can make your garden borders beautiful. UK designed and manufactured the garden screens are designed for UK weather and made from high-quality steel with a premium plastic powder coating that protects them from the elements. The straightforward installation makes garden screening a viable alternative to traditional wooden fencing. You can find details of the outdoor screen specification and the stress-free DIY installation method on our website.

Garden Privacy Screening


Somewhere for your plants to grow

Trellis and pergolas are focal points of many gardens. They provide somewhere to grow climbing plants like clematis and jasmine or fragrant, colourful rambling roses. If practical gardening is more your thing, then wild strawberries, raspberry canes, redcurrants and blackcurrants can be grown on trellises. Suppose you want something that will last for years, particularly important for climbing plants and roses. In that case, garden screens offer a decorative alternative that will look good for many years. The bespoke nature of garden screens means that you can choose colours and designs to suit your planting, and they can be the size and shape you want.

Pergolas are popular with just under 19 million searches last year, allowing us to enjoy our gardens at their best. Garden screens are the perfect product for forming the sides and roofs of your pergola. They will be sheltered and shaded and offer privacy if you use your space for work or entertaining. Garden screens are customisable. Different colours, designs and sizes mean that your pergola will be a bespoke design unique to you.

Garden screen with led light


It can keep things hidden

Most people have recycling and refuse bins in their outdoor space, which are necessary but often unsightly. Outdoor screens are a good way of enclosing these attractively. If you want to obscure your waste bins, pick an opaque screen with fewer cutout areas such as 'Beads', 'Illusion' and 'Triad' in our Geometric range. Air conditioning units, Oil tanks and LPG gas bottles are familiar sights in rural gardens where there isn't mains gas. Whilst these are necessary to have cooking and heating facilities in your house they are usually situated in a garden area. Often large, they can overwhelm a garden and become an unattractive focal point. Garden screens will disguise them more effectively than potted plants. Ensure that you have left a safe space between your tank or gas bottle and the screen. Decorative screens need no adornment, but you can plant climbing plants in front of them.

Garden screen to hide an oil tank


Enclosing your hot tub or pool area

Hot tubs are increasingly popular in UK gardens. While they are a luxurious relaxation feature, you want to enjoy them in privacy without being overlooked by passers-by or curious neighbours. Garden screening can give you the privacy you seek and help create an oasis of calm to enjoy your bubbles. There are many bubble themed screens in our 'Interesting' range, from the iconic 'Bubbles' to 'Bubble Bath', 'Bubble Form' and 'Sploosh'. 

Hot tub privacy screening


Similarly, suppose you are one of the 250,000 UK homes lucky enough to have an outdoor swimming pool. In that case, outdoor garden screening can enclose your pool area from being overlooked. Our garden screening is available in different colours so that you can pick blues, greens and turquoise to enhance your swimming pool area.

Swimming pool safety screening


Enhancement and privacy are not the only reasons to install garden screens around your hot tubs and swimming pools. Garden screening keeps the water feature separate from the rest of the garden, helping to ensure the safety of young children and pets who may inadvertently wander into the pool area. The hot tub or swimming pool area must be wholly enclosed to be a safety feature.


Updating your decking areas

Many urban gardens have decking areas that provide an easy to maintain space in your garden for play, dining, entertaining and even working on your laptop outside. Often, enclosing decked areas with fencing are found in many traditional gardens. Still, if you want something different, use decorative garden screens to partition your decked area from the other outdoor space. As with pergolas, garden screens offer users privacy and shade on the decking, particularly important if you use your decked area for eating or where children play.

Decking fencing screens

Decked areas are often raised and may have steps down to the remainder of the outdoor space. Garden screening fixed on the edge of the decking can help prevent users from accidentally stepping over the edge of the raised decking. Again, this is something to consider if your household consists of young children or pets. Low maintenance garden screening is the perfect accompaniment for decked areas, attractive, functional and quickly installed by a competent DIY person.


Giving your garden a makeover

Not everyone has a blank outdoor space. Suppose you don't have the budget or inclination to recreate your garden area again from scratch. In that case, our decorative garden screens are great to perk up old walls or fences or tired front porches. If you have an unsightly brick wall or a garage, retaining wall or other outbuildings that provide privacy but are unattractive and need a makeover, our decorative garden screening offers a budget-conscious and quick-fix solution.

One of our outdoor screens in an eye-catching design and or colour can turn something you avoid looking at into a feature that adds to your garden's ambience. Depending on the type of garden you have, you could pick a contemporary screen from the Geometric range such as 'Zen', 'Hall of Mirrors' or 'Mirror Mosaic'. If you have a rural outdoor space and prefer nature-inspired screens try 'Water Reflection', 'Creepy Tree' or 'Rosemary' from the Organic range of garden screens. All are available in various colours and sizes to transform your unsightly wall into a decorative focal point.

Similarly, suppose your fences are boring, you want something that does the job but looks attractive. It's easy to fix a decorative outside screen to a fence panel. It can make tired fencing vibrant, especially with colourful planting; your fencing can be integral to your garden theme and enclose your plot.

Many older houses have elaborate stone or wooden fretwork or the storm porch area. If you have a more contemporary dwelling that you want to instil with character, using decorative screening can give your home curb appeal cost-efficiently.

Decorative screens for your inside space

Apart from many outdoor uses for decorative screens, many are also perfect for use indoors. Large rooms are the contemporary norm, great to look at but are not always practical. It's easy to divide a large room into usable spaces for play, sitting, and eating using decorative screens. While this is not a new idea, the Georgians and Victorians also had decorative room dividers. It offers a modern solution to making your large rooms provide the bespoke spaces you need.

If you have a family, an open space in your kitchen, dining, or living area allows you to relax and work whilst your children play. Suppose you want to convert a child-friendly space to an entertaining space. A decorative room screen can enclose the play area effectively without dismantling any of your children's creations. Use a freestanding screen created from two or more decorative screens that can be made without undue stress using our garden screens, corner posts, and fixings. This type of screen is movable and usable where you need it.

Internal decorative screening

Decorative screens can also divide rooms like large bedrooms into a sleeping and work area or dressing area. Quickly divide living spaces into playspace, quiet reading or sitting, Gaming or TV, or living and dining areas. The possibilities are endless and achievable in a budget-friendly and time efficient way. Fixing a series of decorative screens together can zone your home in a way that works best for your needs. Screens from the varied attractive screening ranges can complement your interior decoration themes or add an exciting feature to a minimalist room. Check out our website to find the right screen for your internal room divider needs.

So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you are seeking to customise and update your garden or home, there is a decorative screen to meet your needs. Here are some points to consider when researching the garden screen market and choosing the perfect product for your living space.

  • Metal Garden Screen design and manufactures all screens in the UK
  • Our garden screens are easily installed with quality posts and fixings (available to purchase on our website) by any competent DIY person. 
  • Choose your decorative screening's colour, design, and size to achieve a bespoke feature for your garden or home. 
  • Check out all our decorative screens on our website
  • If you are interested but have more questions, see if our FAQ page can help you.