How do you screen a garden for privacy?

How do you screen a garden for privacy?

Are you looking for garden privacy ideas to create a hideaway? Living in a busy area can sometimes be troublesome and irritating when you don't get any privacy while enjoying tea or lunch on your own deck.

But here is the excellent news! You can gain your garden privacy in lots of ways. From nurturing a divider made up of climbing plants to adding screens to build a stylish barrier – Metal Garden Screen is here to rescue!

Our garden screens can quickly help you feel sheltered, secure, and separated away from your neighbours with a bit of knowledge to recreate your garden space.

Whether you have a small overlooked courtyard from all sides or a garden with only a small fence between you and neighbours, our ideas will show you how do you screen a garden for privacy.

Moreover, a private garden space is a great way to create a little sanctuary at home. So, it is essential to make this space cosy and comfortable and stylish!

Let’s learn how you can screen a garden for privacy!

Garden Screening Ideas: With Panels, Fences, and Planting

Add Cultural Screens to Brick Walls

Make your garden private by installing a screen that offers a complete sense of seclusion and style along with laser cut metal screens.

Do you want to shop for the metal screen in different styles that go with the garden's overall look?

Have a look at our ‘Cultural’ collection of garden screens.


Shop garden screens that bring culture into your garden!

If you are a culturally closed person, these screens might attract you. Inspired by the ancient Moroccan culture, this screen is perfect for providing privacy in the garden.

It is suitable inside and outside in both ways. Use it as a divider to have a secure and private space.

Moroccan Sunburst Garden Screen


It is available in different colours, sizes, and thicknesses – it provides a vast option to select from.

Install the garden screen at your place, and add style and sophistication to your garden that matches the whole summery vibes.


Inspired by European culture and architecture, the ‘Baroque’ garden screening brings a European taste to your garden.

Fine metal cuts with perfect edges, the metal screen provides an excellent way to maintain your garden privacy. Invite your friends for a backyard tea party and impress them with this unique garden screening.

Moreover, you can use the garden screen as a divider or with the brick walls. Install it upright on the brick walls to make a fence and height from where your neighbours can't peek.

 White Baroque Garden Screen


As the name indicates, DIAMONDE garden screening inspired by the design of 'diamond' has its own grace.

Crafted carefully metal garden screen gives a royal look to your garden. The metal screening creates a separate room in the park, which offers a slightly different feel with every design.

 Corten Diamonde Garden Screen

Protect Garden Privacy with ‘Geometric’ Shaped Panels

Geometric shapes are always in trend. But, if you are also one person who loves circles and triangles, then this garden screen collection will appeal to you.

Let's look at some designs from 'Geometric’ shaped panels to protect your garden privacy!

Get Lost

Like the name, the garden screen is like a 'maze'. Are you a labyrinth fan? If yes, then this garden screen is for you.

The garden screen has 24% infill, which means it allows lots of light to pass through it whilst looking great at the same time. Use it as a divider or place it over a wall of bricks; the choice is all yours.

Garden screens are the best way to create a separate private space to enjoy your evening tea and unwind your thoughts.

 Green Get Lost Garden Screen


This garden screen is inspired by the tiny creatures 'ants' that follow a specific path while finding their food. So, this design is inspired by the ant paths while beautifully crafted!

Keep your garden private from any pass Byers or neighbours if you are annoyed by their interference.

This garden screen has 16% infill, allowing enough sunlight to pass through it. So, you don't need to worry about the blockage of light.

 White garden privacy screen


This is another fantastic and fabulous design from our 'geometric collection' for all chess lovers. Like the chess-playing board, the garden screen has a totally great pattern.

Meanwhile, the metal screen provides an excellent way to maintain your garden privacy with fine metal cuts with perfect edges. So invite your friends for a backyard tea party and impress them with this unique garden screening.

Moreover, you can use the garden screen as a divider or with the brick walls. Install the brick walls upright to make a fence and height from where your neighbours can't peek.

 Black garden privacy screen

Choose from the 'Organic’ Collection for Subtle Garden Screening

You might wonder why a garden screen is better than a fence, while both provide the same purpose. A garden screen instead of a wall creates a style statement, especially in small gardens. However, mainly the idea is to maintain the garden privacy or hide a view completely.

Let's look at some designs from the organic collection for a subtle garden screening!


Inspired by the jungle of Africa, this metal screen gives a feel of woods where tropical trees provide protection from the scorching heat.

The garden screen has 51% infill, which means it provides ultimate privacy and allows some light to pass through it. You can use it as a divider or place it over a wall of bricks; the choice is all yours.

Garden screens are the best way to create a separate private space to enjoy your evening tea and unwind your thoughts after a long day.

 African design garden screen


Crack open the Champagne & enhance your outdoor space with our Celebration garden screen.

This garden screen adds style, improves privacy, and hides anything unsightly from your neighbours.

Invite your friends and relatives to your job promotion celebration or birthday celebration and inspire them with the fantastic garden screen. With its 39% infill, sunlight can easily pass while providing increased privacy.

 Celebration Garden Screen


Without blooming flowers and the 'Flower Bloom' garden screen, any garden is incomplete. In addition, the divider provides an increased level of privacy from any intruders into your garden, so you can easily enjoy your 'Me Time' alone or with your loved ones.

Flowers garden screen

Choose ‘Decorative’ Garden Screening Panels

Want to spruce up your garden with perfect screening? Choose decorative garden screening panels to beautify it and make it private.

Let’s have a look at some designs!


Are you a tulip lover? Shop ‘Tulip’ designed metal screen for your garden to stop harsh winds or maintain your garden privacy.

So, what's better to show love for your garden than to adorn them with a ‘Tulip’ garden screen? Install a metal decorative garden screen to provide extra protection to the flowers and veggies in your garden.

The garden screen is best for zoning out the garden and giving it a purpose. Create a hidden hideaway where you can relax and admire your hard work.

Corten Garden Screen


Blossom is an excellent sign that spring is coming. But, do you want to protect your flowers from any outside children or neighbours? Then, garden screenings are best to provide you with ultimate protection.

Flowers always smile on our faces, and no one wants to pluck these beautiful colourful petals.

Choose from a wide variety of decorative metal screens that go with the whole vibe of your garden.

 Blossom garden screen

Some Other Garden Screening Ideas

Screen Your Garden with a Living Wall

Another way to screen your garden is with a living wall. If you want an impressive look full of texture, you can't go wrong with a living wall.

Go for one of the leafy beauties to cover your garden as it is one of the best ways to screen your garden. Transform your space into a jungle-like haven.

It is an excellent way to inject extra greenery into your small private place without taking up too much floor space. Meanwhile, it just makes a great natural barrier.

Pair the living wall with sleek paving and modern furniture to balance the complete look.

Install a Container with Bamboos

Another way to screen off a section for privacy in your garden is to use containers filled with bamboo or tall plants.

These extensive designs will make an eye-catching statement even from far apart. If you have a large garden, use more than one and line them up to enhance the overall look.

Moreover, it will give an exclusive feel to the seating space.

Bamboos are great to use here as they grow fast and tall. Or, if you want a flowery look, try Verbena bonariensis with its purple bloom. Or you can also use ornamental glass for a refreshing look.

‘Morning light’ is also an option to use as an alternative to bamboo as it provides tons of pleasing texture and movement in the breeze.

Increase Garden Privacy with Slatted Fence Panels

One could also use slatted fence panels to increase the garden privacy. The panelled wooden screens give a pared-back vibe to the whole modern garden. You can also soften the climbing foliage to screen the area you want.

Recreate the look by planting plants like alliums, hydrangeas, or Alchemilla to give a refreshing look at the front.

Screen your Garden by Planting

Plants are great for garden screening solutions, and there is more to planting for privacy than a row of towering conifers. Tall plants like hedging shrubs and climbers are ideal for adding privacy to your garden space.

However, they can grow to a wide range of heights, so you have to trim them according to your needs. Therefore, always ensure that they don't block out sunlight in your garden.

Opt Screen of Roses or Lilies with a Trellis

Trellises never get old!

They are a timeless choice for any garden screening idea as they are versatile and beautiful. Nothing can replace them.

Moreover, it supports the climbing plants like glorious roses – the epitome of romance.

By painting according to your house theme, the trellis gives an excellent outer look to your garden. Whether you want to conceal the compost area or divide your plot from your neighbour's, a framework is one of the best screening ideas.

What is the best Garden Screening?

The garden screening concept is multifunctional and provides both privacy and modern design to your overall garden look.

After COVID 19 outbreak, we have seen that homes have become multifunctional, and this concept has been extended to gardens. Go for screens that divide your garden into different areas or block any sight from outsiders.

So, go for a garden screen that complements your garden's style in terms of colour and design. Moreover, it all depends upon individual needs as well as budget.

So, if you are looking for ways to screen your garden, shop screens here.