How to make the most of your winter garden

decorative garden screens

With the days getting shorter and long cold nights drawing in, spending time in your winter garden is likely the last thing you feel like doing. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Winter is a great time to carry out gardening jobs for next year. And with a few luxury additions, your outdoor space can be just as enjoyable during the colder months as in the summer.

Join us as we share how to make the most of your garden in winter. 

Vegetable seeds to sow in winter

Did you know that December is a great time to start planting vegetable seeds? While it might be tempting to spend your weekends cosying up in front of the fire, braving the elements and doing a little winter gardening will help you get ahead before spring!

Broad beans

Fancy an early crop of broad beans? Sow them in December for an early crop in May. If the weather conditions are mild, you should be safe to sow directly outside, with seeds germinating in 2-3 weeks. Your broad beans will then enter a period of dormancy until temperatures increase in the spring.


December is a great time to sow onion seeds. Start them off in pots indoors to aid germination. Come spring, your onion plants will be ready to go outside. Plant them in your patch, spacing them 10cm apart.


Believe it or not, you can sow chilli peppers at any time of year – even in the winter! Just make sure you place your seed trays under a heated propagator. If light conditions are poor (which is likely in the winter) we suggest investing in a grow lamp – it’ll make such a difference to your seedlings.


Don’t save your salad seeds for the summer! Sow them now undercover and enjoy tasty leaves to complement your seasonal home-cooked dishes. Look for a cut and come again salad to keep you going throughout the entire winter.

Winter garden wildlife jobs 

Feed the birds

Do you get birds visiting your garden? We’re lucky enough to have lots of feathered friends (including the most charming little robin) who know they can count on us to support them through the winter.

Keep your bird-feeders topped up with peanuts, suet products and sunflower hearts. These fat-rich products are high in calories and birds’ first choice for keeping their energy levels up through the harsh winter.

While we’re on the topic of birds, don’t forget to top up your birdbath with water. Providing a birdbath will allow birds to regulate the oils in their feathers, which is vital in controlling their body temperature.

Make a bee hotel for your winter garden

If you’re looking for fun outdoor activities to do with the kids over the school holidays, try making a bee hotel for solitary bees. This type of bee plays a vital role in pollination, so we must do our bit to look after them. Simply drill holes in logs, bamboo canes and sunflower stems and place them tightly inside a wooden box.

Be sure to place your bee hotel in a sunny location, where it will be warm in the morning.

Leave your compost heap alone

Although it might be tempting to give your compost a turn, try to keep disturbances to a minimum at this time of year. That’s because there’s a good chance you’ll have little creatures like hedgehogs or even reptiles and amphibians hibernating inside. If possible, avoid turning your compost until April / May time when the hibernation season is over.

Luxury winter garden additions


So we’ve covered winter seed sowing and tips for taking care of wildlife – now it’s time to focus on you! Just because the temperatures have taken a dip, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor living space. You’re lucky enough to have a garden, so why not make the most of it all year round?

Decorate your winter garden

If your winter garden is looking a little bare, it’s time to spruce it up with some decorations and ornaments to brighten it up. Our decorative garden screens will add style, character and interest to your outdoor space. Consider entwining them with fairy lights for an attractive display. These can be switched for climbing plants come springtime. Lanterns and candles will also make lovely winter additions to your outdoor space.

Invest in a fire pit

It’s chilly, we get it! But isn’t there something oh-so-cosy about sitting out on a cold winter’s night, wrapped in a blanket, toasting marshmallows on the fire pit?

A fire pit is certainly an investment piece but it will prove invaluable in the winter, especially if you like to entertain!

Install a hot tub in your winter garden

Create the perfect winter garden retreat with a luxury hot tub. From sinking your hot tub into the ground to sheltering it under a pergola, the installation options are endless but one thing you will need is extra shelter and privacy. For that, we have the perfect solution – our garden screens! Install our panels to keep your hot tub out of sight and enjoy the peace and tranquillity it was designed for.

Our garden screens are 100% weatherproof and maintenance-free, making them the perfect choice for hot tub screens, pergola sides and winter garden trellis.

Create an outdoor kitchen

Thought barbecuing was just for summer? Think again! Open your imagination to the possibility of creating a fully functional outdoor kitchen, equipped with a barbecue and pizza oven and enjoy alfresco dining all year round. Use our garden screens to section off an area of your patio or decking for cooking and another for dining, lounging and entertaining.

As you can see, there are so many ways you can continue to enjoy your garden through winter. So don’t abandon your outdoor space! It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is, you can always find a way to make it a beautiful, welcoming and relaxing space that you long to spend time in, even in the winter.