Screens for Privacy: Amazing Ideas for Garden Screening

Screens for Privacy: Amazing Ideas for Garden Screening

Is it nice to be overlooked by the neighbours? Even if you are the best of friends with them? Absolutely not! 

We all care about privacy, and we should. But it is harder to achieve with modern housing developments. Privacy is an essential issue because now houses are being built on small plots. However, if you cover your home with high fences or hedges, you may block sunlight from your neighbour's garden. 

So, what should be done in this case? Does one need to compromise their privacy? Well, no!  Metal Garden Screens are here to rescue your privacy issues? Excited much?  Let’s discover them!

Screens for Privacy – Top Tips by Metal Garden Screen Experts

When it comes to garden screening, think beyond the fences and hedges!

Ideas for garden screening are trending, as everyone thrives on using their outside space more comprehensively. 

We have seen many redesigning of the fence over the last few decades. Now, it's time for a change. 

Here are some of the top tips by Metal Garden Screen Experts if you want to use screens for privacy purposes:

Garden Privacy Screening

1. Create a Private Area 

Think of creating a private area by using a metal screen rather than trying to make the whole garden private. 

2. Check Screen Height Laws

It is essential to check the law on screen or fence height where you live. Several countries, cities, districts, and even individual houses have some planning laws that limit the screen's height. 

So, make sure to check them and install the screen accordingly. 

3. Discuss Privacy Issues with Neighbours 

The best possible solution is to discuss the privacy issues with your neighbours. But mostly, everyone has their concerns – one will want more privacy while the other will want more light. 

4. Use a Higher Screen

If you will divide your garden area to create a private space away from the boundary, use a higher screen there. 

5. Screen Close to Sitting Area 

A screen close to the sitting area will give more privacy than a screen installed further away. 

6. Go with laser-cut Pattern Screens 

Laser-cut pattern screens are best as they don't block so much sunlight as well, as they are stylish too. 

7. Garden Screen with Climbing Plants 

Consider a garden screen with climbing plants to give your garden an exotic, green look. Think of Honeysuckle and Star Jasmine! 

What Should be the Position of Metal Screen? 

When we talk about installing a garden screen for privacy purposes, several factors to consider. The position and height of screens are one of them. Both positionings, as well as the height of the metal screen, are essential to increase privacy. 

In this section, you'll learn what should be the position of a metal screen? 

Garden Screening for Privacy

There is a well-known saying that ‘good screens or fences make good neighbours’. So, consider your neighbours first. Ask them if they are comfortable with the screen and make sure that it is not blocking the sunlight in their garden.

Because there are arguments over fences for privacy and boundaries. 

Don’t jump into such disputes! 

Most governments have recognisable laws for the height and position of the garden screens that will help you choose one for you. 

For instance, in certain historical districts, no one is allowed to fence their land. However, just a few miles away, there is no such restriction. So, check the fencing and screening laws where you're living. 

Moreover, it is also essential to consider your neighbours for fencing to make sure that if they are planning to redesign their space or not, that might affect how they feel about the choice of the screen. 

How High Can a Metal Garden Screen Be?

Just like the position of the metal screen, height is also an essential factor to consider. The same reason goes here the height of the metal screen does not block the sunlight in their garden or yours. 

Moreover, all the products mentioned here in the blog are UK based. So, in England, you need to get planning permission to install a garden screen. Like London, many screens are higher than 6'5" in several cities where privacy is cherished. 

Ideal Solution for a Garden Privacy 

After having a detailed debate on privacy, you must think about the ideal garden privacy solution.  

There are many solutions, but the best and the ideal ones can be worthy by combining several elements of garden screening and strategic planting.

Garden Screens around table and chairs

Do Hedges Provide an Ultimate Privacy?

Hedges are usually taller than fences (in the UK). However, they are suitable for the environment as they help reduce pollution and provide shelter to wildlife. 

Moreover, they are also better than fences for ornamental gardens – they filter the wind. Although hedges are the best evergreen way and traditional way to provide privacy in your garden. They require maintenance regularly and can be subject to damage by high winds. 

Do Garden Screens Provide an Ultimate Privacy?

Screens are the best way to create a stylish yet private seating area in your garden. Of course, they are not ideal for having privacy in the entire garden, but it is best to create a personal space to unwind your thoughts. 

This can may a huge difference. Yes, if your passionate about your space. 

You can learn more about the best screens for garden privacy here. 

Stylish Metal Screens for Privacy 

Metal screens are the perfect fit for your garden. They are made to measure screens with 100% customizable colours and designs. 

With time, garden privacy screens have changed a lot in the past few years. As a result, we come across many new and exciting designs that complement the whole garden look. 

Nowadays, houses take more space and gardens get more minor and overlooked. Because of this, privacy is increasingly difficult. 

But Metal Garden Screen is here to provide the ultimate privacy solution for your garden. We manufacture garden screens as a design element and a functional one. 

So, what you’re waiting for? 

Low level customised garden screens

A recent development in the metal screen industry is the laser cut technology screens made of corten steel or powdered aluminium that provides a finished look. 


Which is the better option for privacy? Trees or screens?

After knowing about several great ideas for garden screening, you might be thinking that what is the better option? Trees, hedges, or screens? 

Laser-cut metal screens are a modern way to add privacy to your garden. You can also consider other options like planting trees or trees to create a natural screen and barrier. But this can take much time, decades in fact. A towering conifer could take over your garden and your neighbour's garden, cutting the space short, and causing a dispute.

Moreover, an important thing to consider while using a tree as a screen is the 'line of sight. So, planting trees does not seem a good option in the long run. 

Metal garden screens are the king here, as they provide a modern and stylish look that contemplates the whole garden look. 

However, metal screens allow the air to flow more freely and prevent anyone from feeling shut in. when the screens are placed strategically around the outdoor furniture, metal screens also protect the furniture from exposure to the sun and help them last longer.

Another positive thing to consider about metal screens over trees or any other option for screening is that they are easy to maintain. Corten steel metal screens with powdered aluminum are durable and easy to work with, and resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Metal screens, compared with any other screening option, are cost-effective. Installing a brick wall or steel fencing is a good option to brighten up a dreary wall.  

Garden screening for separtation

So, consider using garden metal screens as they are more appealing fin the right situation. 

Check out the variety of metal screens here to create a private space and make your garden different from traditional looks.